Creating an Instant Teams Meeting

This process works best in the Chrome web browser. If you are using another browser and not seeing the functionality, please download Teams desktop app.

Navigate to and sign in with your KU username and password. 

Select Teams from the list of available apps. If Teams doesn't appear in the main list, click "All apps."

Click "Calendar" in the menu bar on the left of the screen.

Click "Meet Now" in the top right corner of the Calendar page.

Enter a name for your Meeting and then click "Join Now."

Copy Invite Link

Once the meeting launches, copy the invite link by clicking the link icon next to the "Invite someone" field. The link will copy to your clipboard.

Paste the link into an email message to all students that you want to join the meeting. 

Sharing Your Screen

To share your screen, click the "Sahre Screen" button and then share your desktop, PowerPoint, or Whiteboard

Joining as a Participant

 Participants will click the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link to join you in the meeting.

If prompted, students should choose "Use the web app instead." 


Be sure to allow Teams to access your Mic and Camera.

Please note, if students are attempting to join via another browser, they may be prompted to download the Teams desktop app and open the link in the app.