The Assignments tool allows students to submit assignments to their instructors electronically through D2L. If you instructor is using the Assignment tool to collect assignments, you can simply upload your completed assignment file to the appropriate Assignment folder and your instructor will be able to view your submission immediately.

This article outlines the steps to submit a file to an Assignment folder.

Submitting Files to an Assignment Folder

Enter the Assignments area of D2L by clicking “Assessments” in the course navigation menu and choosing “Assignments” from the list.

Enter the appropriate Assignment folder by clicking on the name of the folder.

Click “Add a File” to upload your completed assignment file from your computer.

To upload a file from your computer, select "My Computer." 

Then, locate the file on your computer and drag-and- drop the file into the “Upload Window.”

Alternatively, you can click “Upload” and browse for the file on your system. When the file has finished uploading, click “Add.”

PLEASE NOTE: The following characters cannot be included in file names for files uploaded to D2L. Files with these characters will result in an upload error.

( \ / : * ? " < > | )

If you receive an upload error, please check for and remove these special characters and try uploading again.

You also have the ability to add comments for the instructor. Click “Submit” to submit your assignment. Your assignment will not be submitted until you click the "Submit" button.

A confirmation message display and you will receive an email to confirm your submission.
If you do not receive a confirmation email, your assignment was not submitted successfully! Please resubmit. Click “Done” to return to the Assignment folders.