The D2L Class Progress tool is a comprehensive progress report that is available to students to track their individual progress in a particular course.

Using the D2L User Progress Tool

Navigate to the Class Progress tool by clicking "Assessments" > "Class Progress" in the course navigation menu.

Use the Progress Menu on the left to select a specific item to view your progress. Or you can choose “Summary” to see all course items and your overall progress on each.

Content Progress

For example, if Content is select, you will see a list of all Modules / Topics in the course. A completion bar will be displayed that shows the percentage of item completed / visited in that module. If you select the topics, modules under the content items, a detailed listing will appear. This will display the number of visits to the item, the date and time of the visit, and a direct link to the content item.

Assignment Progress

The Assignment progress will display submissions, grade, and any feedback left by the instructor.

Quiz Progress

Quiz progress will display quiz grade. Depending on the quiz setup, you may also be able to view your quiz with the questions and answers.