There are two homepages in D2L: "My Home" and "Course Home." This article explains each homepage.

My Home

"My Home" is the main landing page that you will see after logging into D2L.

At the top of the page, you will find the Mini Bar. This bar provides system navigation, including easy access to My Home, quick course selection, and notification and setting menus.

When you're on the My Home page, the menu navigation provides access to your D2L calendar, Locker, and D2L Help articles.

My Home has several widgets:

My Courses widget - the My Courses widget provides access to your active courses.

Announcements - system information and announcements provided by the D2L administrators. This section will contain system-related announcements.

Information - the information widget provides contact information for the KU D2L Help Desk, password resets, and information and help resources.

Course Home

The "Course Home" is the landing page for each course. While inside a course, this page can be accessed at any time by clicking on the course name at the top of the page.

The course homepage contains the following four widgets (not all courses will utilize every widget):

Announcements - displays important course information and course announcements posted by your instructor.

Calendar - displays upcoming events for a course. Clicking on the calendar will take you to the full course calendar.

Updates - shows course updates such as new discussion postings or available quizzes. Clicking on any of the links in this widget will take you directly to the item.

Library - allows you to search the library catalog right from the course homepage.

When inside a course, the course navigation menu serves as navigation throughout the course. In this bar, you will find links to the different areas of the course, clustered by category.

Content is the where you will find all course-related content uploaded and maintained by the course instructor. 

In the Communications cluster, you will find links to Classlist, Collaborate Ultra, Discussion, and Groups.

The Assessments cluster contains links to Assignments, Class Progress, Grades, Quizzes, and Rubrics.

The Resources cluster contains links for Attendance, Checklists, Locker, Self-Assessments, and Surveys.

The D2L Help cluster contains links to help articles on D2L topics.