D2L Quizzes are used for online assessment. Quizzes can be used for practice assessments, self-assessments, or actual assessments. Be sure you understand your professor’s expectations and grading policy before beginning any quiz attempts.

This article outlines the steps to take a D2L Quiz.

Taking a Quiz

Navigate to the Quiz area by clicking “Assessments” > "Quizzes" in the course navigation menu.

Select the appropriate quiz name.

Read the “Quiz Details” and “Instructions” for the quiz. When you are ready to begin the quiz, click “Start Quiz.”

Answer the quiz questions. When you select an answer option, the quiz will automatically save your responses. Some quizzes will have multiple (or all) questions on one page. Some quizzes may be set to contain only one (or more) questions per page. In this case, answer the question(s) on the page and click "Next Page" to continue the quiz.

After answering all questions, click the "Submit Quiz” button. Be sure you are completely finished with your quiz attempt before clicking "Submit Quiz."

Confirm the submission by clicking “Yes.”

The "Quiz Submissions" screen will display. Depending on the instructor's settings, you may see your score, the question answers, or just confirmation that your attempt was submitted. Review the submission, if available, and then return to the Quiz area by clicking “Close.”

If you have questions about the quiz submission or question answers, please contact your course instructor!