You’ll find all of your courses organized by categories in the “My Courses” widget on your D2L homepage. This widget contains several category tabs:


  • All - this tab contains all the courses in which you are enrolled.
  • Pinned - this tab allows you to pin a selection of courses from across different categories.
  • Training – this tab contains KU training courses.
  • Other Courses – this tab contains courses that are not associated with a specific semester (sandboxes, organizations, advising, etc.).
  • Semesters – the remaining tabs are organized by semester.


Each category tab will contain up to 12 courses. If you have more than 12 courses available in that category, additional courses will be available under the “View all Courses” link at the bottom of the widget.


If you do not see one of the above categories, it means you are not currently enrolled in a course from that category.

To access a course, simply click on the course tile.



Pinned Courses

The “Pinned” tab allows you to pin a selection of courses from different semesters or groups to one place for quick access. Courses will appear in the order that they were pinned.


To pin a course, hover your mouse over the course tile, click the dots that appear in the top right corner, and choose “Pin.”



Unpinning a course does NOT remove the course from your account. You’ll always be able to access all of your available courses by clicking “View All Courses” at the bottom of the “All” tab.


To unpin a course, click on the pin icon in the top right corner of the course tile.



Problems pinning your courses? If your course does not pin after following the above steps or you don’t see the dots appear when you hover your mouse over the course tile, please a) try a different browser to pin your courses or b) pin your courses from the “Select a course…” menu. To pin your courses from this menu, select the pin icon behind the course name.