Are your courses not showing on your D2L homepage?

Solution 1: You are not registered for the course

(or you have a hold on your account).

If you are not seeing your course in D2L, check that you are registered for the course in MyKU. D2L communicates with MyKU twice daily. If you were unenrolled from the course in MyKU, you will also be unenrolled from the course in D2L.

If you were unenrolled from a course, check to see if you have a financial or academic hold on your account. You can see hold information in MyKU. For more information or help with holds please email (Financial Aid holds) or (Academic holds).

Solution 2: Your courses are not active.

Courses are typically activated on the first day of each semester. Courses will NOT appear in D2L until the course instructor activates (turns on) the course. The Office of Distance Education has no control over course activation. If you cannot find your course in D2L and are registered in MyKU (with no holds), please contact your professor to see if/when the course will be active in D2L.