D2L Notifications can be turned on to alert you to course updates. These notifications are setup on a subscription basis. This article shows the process of turning the notifications off.

Disable all mobile notifications and remove phone number

Enter the Notification settings by clicking on your profile (name) in the top right and choose “Notifications.”

Click the trashcan icon next to your mobile number to remove it. Be sure to “Save” the page.

Disable Select Notification Types

Select the “Instant Notifications” that you wish to receive via email, SMS text message, or both.

Turn off "Activity Summary" Emails

You can request that D2L email you an activity summary for each of your courses at a specific time each day. To disable this feature, select "Never" from the "How often" drop down. 

Exclude specific courses from notifications

Click “Manage my course exclusions.”

Click the “X” next to each course you wish to exclude from notifications. To enable notifications again, click the “return arrow.”