You can set up instant notifications that will send D2L updates directly to your email inbox or an SMS text message to your mobile phone. Notifications can be set to alert you when a professor or admin posts an Announcement item, feedback is received on an assignment, a quiz is evaluated, or a grade is updated.

By default, students will only be notified when they login to D2L. If you wish to receive additional notifications, follow the steps in this document.

Many professors expect students to subscribe to course notifications. Setting up D2L notifications will help to ensure you never miss an important course update!

Setting up D2L Notifications in your account

To access Notification setup, click on your name in the upper right corner of the D2L webpage and choose "Notifications" from the list that appears. 

Mobile Text Message Notifications

To add mobile notifications (SMS text messages), click “Register your mobile.” If you do not wish to receive mobile notifications, continue to the Instant Notifications section.

Select your country, mobile carrier, and enter your mobile number. Then click “Save.”

A new window will appear prompting for a confirmation code. This code will have been sent to the mobile number you provided in the previous step. When the message arrives on your phone, enter the code and then click “Confirm.” You will not receive mobile notifications until you complete this step.

Determine if you wish to receive a “Summary of Activity” for each of your courses. If yes, set the time.

Instant Notifications

Under the “Instant Notifications” heading, select the notifications that you wish to receive via Email and SMS by checking the respective boxes. You can disable specific notifications at any time by returning to this page.

Set your desired preferences under the “Custom Notifications” heading.

You can exclude specific courses from notifying you by clicking “Manage my course exclusions.” For more information on disabling or managing notifications, see the Disable D2L Notifications article.

Click “Save and Close.”