Turnitin OriginalityCheck examines student work for improper citation and potential plagiarism by comparing it against a world-wide academic database. GradeMark allows instructors to provide a variety of feedback types for student submissions.

Although Turnitin is integrated with the D2L Assignment folder, there is an additional step required to obtain instructor feedback. This article describes how to access instructor feedback from Turnitin Originality Check and/or GradeMark.

Obtaining Originality Check and/or GradeMark Feedback on an Assignment

Navigate to the D2L Assignments (“Assessments” > “Assignments”). If you have feedback available, "View Feedback" will appear in the feedback column. Click on this link.

Click on the "View Inline Feedback" link found under in the “Turnitin GradeMark” column to enter Turnitin and review GradeMark feedback.

Your submission will open in Turnitin. If you're not seeing any comments on your paper, click the Layer icon on the right and turn on the Grading layer.

Downloading and Printing Comments

To print or download your submission with instructor feedback, click on the download icon on the right.

Choose "Current View."

Once the file is downloaded to your computer, you can print it. 

Viewing Similarity Score

If your instructor has decided to allow you to see your Similarity Score for plagiarism checking, you will see an indicator icon on the feedback screen:

When you enter Turnitin to see your GradeMark feedback (by clicking either Turnitin icon), you will be able to turn the "Similarity" and "Grading" layer on or off to customize your view. 

To see a report of the matched content, click on the Similarity icons on the right.