Video Tutorial

Please watch the video demonstration below.

Detailed Instructions

Setting Up Delegated Access

Once a student has granted access to a delegate in MyKU, the delegate will receive an email informing them of the items have been delegated to them.

The email contains a link to the Delegated Access Terms of Service, which will require the delegate to do the following:

  • Set a password
  • Confirm their name
  • Enter the Security Key (provided in the email)
  • Confirm their email address
  • Set a security question

After clicking Submit, the delegate can set their User ID. By default, this User ID will be the first part of their personal email address, but this can be customized.  

After confirming their User ID, the delegate will be brought to the Delegated Access homepage.

Logging Into Delegated Access

To log into MyKU as a Delegate:

  • Navigate to MyKU
  • Click on Guests
  • Enter the User ID specified during setup and password