Video Tutorial

Watch the video demonstration below.

Watch the video full-screen. 

Detailed Instructions

From the Student Homepage, look for the KU Academic Services tile.


Click on Share My Information. If you have delegated access to anyone, their information will appear in a table on this page.

To modify a current delegate’s access, click on the Edit button for that contact. To remove a current delegate entirely, click Delete.  


On this screen, the delegate’s details and screen (transaction) access can be edited. If access is added or removed, the delegate will receive an e‐mail about the updates to their access. The delegate will NOT have to revisit the Terms and Conditions form to receive the access – it will just be automatically added onto their User Profile.



Back under Share My Information, another contact can be added, or a contact can be removed entirely. Removing a contact removes their access to the student’s information, but does not automatically delete their User Profile. Again, if the delegate’s profile is deleted, they will receive an e‐mail notification.