On your Student Homepage, select "Class Enrollment"

On the next page, select the term you wish to enroll in. For example, "Fall 2019."

In the "Search for Your Classes" field, type in a keyword. For this example, we will use "First Year Seminar." After entering your search terms, click the arrow at the end of the line to start the search.

On the next screen, click on the results (FYS 100) to view all the available classes. 

On the next screen, you see the topic of each course as well as the time and days the course meets. 

Click on the course you wish to register for.

Review the course you selected and then click "Next" to continue enrolling.

Click "Accept" to continue.

Make sure "Enroll" is selected and then click "Next."

Finally, click "Submit" and then "Yes" to confirm.

Congrats - you have just enrolled in your class. You'll receive a confirmation that the class has been added to your schedule.