Sign into MyKU. On your student Homepage, you will see a tile labeled "Current Instructors and Advisor." Click on the Profile icon next to the Advisor's name.


On your Advisor(s) Profile page, click on the "Make Appointment" button.

If your advisor does not have any appointments created, you will see a message that indicates no appointment times are available. In this case, you should stop by your Advisor's office to see if they have a sign-up or instructions on their office door.

If your advisor has appointments available, then you will be able to select a day. Days that are highlighted in green are days that have appointments. 

When you click on the Day you will see available hours to choose from.  When you select a time, you will be shown the appointment information and a "Schedule Appointment" button is displayed.  Your appointment is not saved until you click the "Schedule Appointment" button.  You will also receive an email receipt with your appointment information.


After you've signed up for an appointment, you will see your confirmed appointment information on this screen.  You can always return to this screen to view the appointment time.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the IT Help Center at 610-683-1511 or