Delegating Access to a New User

Student goes into their Student Center, and clicks on the Share my Information button at the top‐right corner.

Student clicks on Delegate Access To A New Contact button.

Student clicks I Accept to proceed.

Student enters in contact details for their delegate. The e‐mail address used cannot be a or address (i.e. or

The student must also select the screens that they want to share, then hit the Save button.

Message pops up to confirm. Student must click OK to continue.

Student receives a confirmation message. At the same time, an e‐mail is sent to the delegate.

The delegate receives an e‐mail from myKU, which includes a link and some instructions.

Assuming the delegate doesn’t already have a myKU account (one that doesn’t correspond with a or address), clicking on the link in the e‐mail takes the delegate to the New User Registration (NUR) Terms and Conditions form. On this screen, they must complete all form fields, including creating a User ID and password.

  • The security key in the “Access Granted” e‐mail must be entered, along with the e‐mail address where the e‐mail was sent.
  • A security question and answer must be specified as well. This information is used when the delegate forgets their password.
  • A User ID is automatically created. This can be changed by selecting ‘No’ and entering in a different User ID.

Note: If you receive a "Not Authorized" message when clicking on the link in the e-mail, you might have already been logged into MyKU in your web browser. To workaround this error you can:

  • clear your browser's cache, close all browser windows, and try clicking on the link again.
  • copy the link from the email, open a different web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari), paste the link in the address bar and attempt to access the link.

After submitting the form, the delegate’s User Profile is created in Campus Solutions, which also flows over into Portal (myKU). The user is automatically signed in under their new account, and taken back to the myKU home page (just as if they had signed directly into myKU).

The navigation menu on the left side is also specifically for the delegate user, providing access to student‐delegated screens, along with some other essentials.

  • The Delegate Terms & Conditions screen allows the delegate to accept authorization requests initiated by other students.
  • The User Self Service screen allows delegates to change their password, change their security question/answer, and change the e‐mail address associated with their user profile. All of this can be done by the user without having to contact the IT Help Center.

Managing Access for an Existing Delegate

Student goes into their Student Center, and clicks on the Share my Information button at the top‐right corner.

To modify a current delegate’s access, and not delete it outright, click on the Edit button for that contact.

On this screen, the delegate’s details and screen (transaction) access can be edited. If access is added or removed, the delegate will receive an e‐mail about the updates to their access. The delegate will NOT have to revisit the Terms and Conditions form to receive the access – it will just be automatically added onto their User Profile.

Back under Share My Information, another contact can be added, or a contact can be removed entirely. Removing a contact removes their access to the student’s information, but does not automatically delete their User Profile. Again, if the delegate’s profile is deleted, they will receive an e‐mail notification.

Delegate Forgets Password

From the myKU login screen, the user would click on the Forgot Password link. Until that link is added onto the EP/portal login screens, please use the following link:

On the next screen, the delegate must enter in their User ID, then click Continue. The user MUST have the PA_CSDA_Base_Permissions role assigned to their account – otherwise, they will not be able to continue to the next screen.

On the next screen, the delegate must answer the security question that they selected on their New User Registration form, then hit the Email New Password button. NOTE: The response is not case sensitive.

If answered correctly, the delegate will receive an e‐mail at the address on file (what’s listed on‐screen) that looks similar to the following:

Delegate - User Self Service

After logging in to myKU, the user would click on the User Self Service link.

To change a password, the user would click on the Change password link, fill in each field with the appropriate information, then click OK to submit their changes:

To change the security question and/or answer that appear on the Forgot Password screen, click on the Change or set up forgotten password help link.

NOTE: All responses are automatically converted to uppercase. On the Forgot Password screen, the answer provided for the security question is not case sensitive.

To change the e‐mail address on file, the user can just edit what’s on‐screen, then hit the Save button.


Will the student need to delegate access each semester?

No. As long as the student is enrolled, the delegated access will remain.

The student withdraws or graduates from the University, what will happen to the accounts?

There will be a process run daily to terminate delegated accounts for students who graduated or withdrew

The person that was delegated access forgets the password, can IT Help Desk reset?

No. The student will need to revoke the access and reassign access to the delegate

Will this violate FERPA rules?

No. There is FERPA wording that is being approved by Bob Watrous that a student must agree to.

Can a student who has a FERPA on his/her account delegate access?


Must a student delegate access?

No. This is a feature and is optional

Must a student delegate the same access to each delegate?

No. A student can select different access.

Can more than one student delegate to a person?

Yes. If multiple students have granted a delegate access to the same screen, when the delegate visits that screen, they’ll need to select which student’s information that they want to view. The search results will display each student in “Last name, First name” format.

Can additional pages be added, such as financial aid?

Yes. That would be a customization and will require additional programming 

Do delegates need to set up any accounts before using delegated access?

Delegates use their PeopleSoft credentials to sign into the system, not active directory/network accounts.

If a student delegates payments to a person, is that person financially responsible for the student’s account?

No. The student is still responsible for payment of all tuition, fees, parking tickets, etc.


Watch the video demonstration below.

Watch the video full-screen!