At the top-right corner of the screen, Students and Applicants will now have a Personalize Homepage option in their MyKU menu.

Clicking on that option brings them to the following screen:

From here, the Student/Applicant can review the Tiles on their current homepages. Note: Any changes made on this screen are not finalized until the Save button is clicked.

Rearranging Tiles

Tiles can be clicked and dragged into any order on a Homepage, unless they’re defined as Required – fixed by the MyKU team.  When a Student/Applicant clicks and drags a Tile, the tile will turn transparent and have a yellow dotted line around its border until the Tile is placed:

Tiles can be placed by dropping them over an existing Tile:

The dropped Tile will then appear AFTER the existing Tile:

Students/Applicants can also rearrange Tiles directly on a Homepage, using the same drag-and-drop method:

Removing Tiles

Tiles with a "x" icon in the top-right corner can be removed, since they’re defined as Optional Tiles for that Homepage.  Clicking on the icon removes the Tile from that Homepage.

Moving/Copying Tiles Between Homepages

Tiles with an edit icon in the bottom-right corner can be moved/copied to other Homepages.

After clicking on the tile’s icon, an action prompt will pop up:

Clicking on either option will then display a list of Homepages that the Student/Applicant could “send” the Tile:

If the selected Tile already exists on the Student/Applicant’s other Homepages, a list of Homepages will not appear when an Action is selected:

If a Student/Applicant Copies a Tile to another Homepage, the Tile will be copied to the destination Homepage, and appear after the Tiles currently assigned to that Homepage.

If a Student/Applicant opts to Move a Tile to another Homepage, the Tile will be copied to the destination Homepage, and appear after the Tiles currently assigned to that Homepage.  If that Tile is defined as a Required tile on the source Homepage, the Tile WILL ALSO move to the end of the source Homepage.

Adding Tiles

Tiles can be added to a Homepage with the Add Tile button at the top-right corner of the Personalize Homepage screen.

Tiles are organized into Repositories, based on their functionality.  Relevant Tile Repositories are displayed in a pop-up window when the Add Tile button is clicked:

Students/Applicants can click on each Repository to view its Tiles:

Tiles that are added can be re-arranged, copied to other Homepages, or removed from a Homepage once they’ve been placed on a Homepage.

Setting a Default Homepage

Students/Applicants can specify a default Homepage in the Personalize Homepage screen by clicking and dragging their desired default to the top of the Homepage list, then dropping it on top of the 1st item in that list:

After clicking on the Save button, the next time the Student/Applicant signs into MyKU, their new default Homepage will be displayed.

Adding a Homepage

A Student/Applicant can also create their own personal Homepage by clicking the Add Homepage button on the Personalize Homepage screen:

In the window that appears, click on the My Homepage option.

Once created, the Student/Applicant must add Tiles to the Homepage.

Students/Applicants have the ability to only create 1 custom Homepage. Once created, the custom Homepage can be deleted by clicking on its "x" icon within the list of Homepages on the left.