Log in to MyKU (myku.kutztown.edu) with the username and password that you received from Admissions.


On your Student Homepage select “Class Enrollment"

Select the appropriate term.

On the next page, select “Search by Gen Ed, & other search options.” 

On the pop-up screen, use the available switch buttons or dropdown menus to narrow your search by the available General Education Requirement categories (A-D).

Example: To find courses that fulfill General Education Requirement A, use the corresponding dropdown menu to select a criterion and then click the search button.

On the next screen you will see a list of all the available courses that fulfill that requirement. 

Search Filter Descriptions:

On the left hand side will be additional search criteria, to help you narrow the search results. 

  1. Class Status
    • Open Classes – classes that are open for enrollment 
    • Closed Classes – classes that have hit their enrollment capacity 
  2. Course Career – Graduate or Undergraduate 
    • Most of the time this will only have one option
  3. Subject – Course Prefix 
    • Narrow your search based on the course prefix/topic. 
    • Ex. “I only want a composition course.” You can select “CMP” to narrow your search. 
  4. Number of Units – How many credits the class is worth  
  5. Location – Kutztown University Main 
    • Most of the time this will only have one option 
  6. Campus – Kutztown University Campus 
    • Most of the time this will only have one option 
  7. Session – What session is the course in?
    • This will be helpful in the Summer time when wanting to enroll in either a summer session 1, summer session 2 or summer session 10 week course. 
  8. Class Meeting Days – When the class will meet. 
    • This can help in building a schedule if you only want classes on certain days. 
  9. Class Start Times – What time the class starts. 
    • This is helpful when you only want an afternoon class 
  10. Class End Times - What time the class ends 
    • This is helpful if you need a class to be over by a certain time. 
  11. Class Component – is this course a lab or lecture.
    • This is helpful with the sciences when looking for a course with a lab component. 
  12. Instruction Mode – how is the class taught?
    • Online – This course will be 100% online 
    • In Person – This course will meet in a classroom.            
    • Blended – Based on the percentage listed this course will meet both in a classroom and online. 
  13. Class Attribute – What requirement the course will fulfill 
    • You can narrow the search results based on what requirement you want to course you are looking at to fulfill