The Degree Audit can be a powerful tool to help you effectively plan for courses prior to registration. 

To access the degree audit tool, login to MyKU ( and click on the “KU Academic Progress” tile.



On the left-hand side of the screen, click on the “Academic Progress” tab.

Your degree audit will display. Each line in the audit is clickable, and each line will display in a new window.

The first section of the degree audit measures requirements all students are required to meet in order to graduate. 


  • University Requirements – Overall Minimum Required GPA: All students are required to earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. Freshman with no completed Kutztown coursework will show a 0.00 “GPA Achieved”. 
  • University Residency Requirement: All students are required to complete 30 of their final 60 credits at Kutztown University. 
  • University Requirements – Overall Minimum Required Credits: All students are required to earn a minimum of 120 credits in order to earn a Bachelor’s degree at Kutztown University.


General Education refers to the requirements all students must complete in order to earn their Bachelor’s degree. The General Education (or, Gen Ed, for short) totals 42 credits and runs the gamut of liberal arts subjects including First Year Seminar, Composition, Speech, Physical and Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Humanities and Arts. 

As you progress through the semester, you will amass these courses and, as you complete each section, the yellow diamond symbol (unsatisfied) will become a green check mark (satisfied). 

If you are currently taking a course, but have not earned a final grade, the degree audit will temporarily consider that requirement met. In the above example, the student is currently enrolled in their First Year Seminar. As such, the section is marked with a green check mark. As long as the student passes the course, the green check mark will remain. 


Each of the requirements under General Education are clickable. For instance, if you click on the requirement that reads “A. 1-2: Communicating With and About the World”, you will see the below list of courses that could satisfy that requirement. (This list corresponds to the list of Gen Ed courses from the Approved Course List on Kutztown University’s General Education website.) 

If you click on one of the courses (for instance, CMP100), you will be taken to a course description. This page also allows you to add a course to your planner for a future semester’s registration. Simply click on “Add to Planner” in the top right-hand corner of the screen.


View the Registering for Courses in Your Planner article to see how you can quickly register for courses that you’ve planned.