The new transfer credit evaluation application allows you to lookup course equivalencies before deciding to transfer to KU. This application allows you to find courses from your previous institution and determine how, or if, they will transfer to Kutztown. However, information from the evaluation is not official and should only be used as a guide. This article outlines the process of evaluating transfer credits to Kutztown.

On the Kutztown University homepage, hover your mouse over the “Admissions” button and select “Transferring to KU.”

On the “Transferring to KU” page, select “Credit Evaluations” from the sidebar navigation.

Enter search criteria for your institution and click “Search.” You can search by typing the institution name or by selecting the state.

The system will search for institutions that match your search criteria. Select your institution from the “Institution” menu and click “Select.”

In the “Course Selection,” select the “Subject” (subject code) of the course that you have completed at your previous university. Then select the “Course” and “Year.” Once you’ve entered all the fields, click “Select.”


To change the subject or course, click “New.”

A “Course Equivalencies” table will display that shows how the course may transfer to Kutztown, along with a description of the KU’s course.

To start a new evaluation, click the “Start New Search” button at the top of the page.