Access the advisee’s “Student Center.” There are multiple ways to do this, but one option is via the “Self Service” menu. Main Menu > Self Service > Advisor Center > My Advisees. 

From the list of advisees, click “View Student Details” for the desired student. This will take you to the “Student Center” for that student.

In the Other Academics drop-­‐down, select “Academic Requirements” and then click the double arrows to the right to go.

The advisement report will appear. Sections of the audit for which the student has completed the necessary requirements will be collapsed with a green arrow pointing to the right. To view completion details, click on the green arrow. Sections of the audit that have not met the requirements will be expanded with the words “Not Satisfied.”

At the end of the academic program, all areas of the audit should be collapsed, as all requirements will have been met.