New Features Available!

View information about an advisee

You can now easily view information about an advisee right from your advising scheduling screen. Click on the person icon in front of the student name to bring up information on the student.

Schedule a student who is not your advisee

In the Advisee ID text box, just type in the emplid of the student you would like to meet at that time. The student will receive the same reminder emails as your advisees.

View a list of advisees in Excel

You can download a list of advisee emails to Excel. Click on the notepad icon to open the report in a new tab.  

Copy of email sent to students

You will receive a copy of the email that is initially sent to students on the day after you create your first appointments. An example of the email is below.

Advising Scheduling - Create appointments

The video will show how to create advising appointments.

Watch the video in a new window.

Advising Scheduling - Adding students for appointments

A faculty member can schedule their advisees for appointments.  The video will show how to view students who have appointments for a day.

Watch the video in a new window.


Advising Scheduling - Release Holds

A faculty member can release advising holds and mark students as no-shows in the advising appointments by day. 


Watch the video in a new window.

Advising Scheduling - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create advising appointments?

Navigate to Advising Tile -> Advising Center-> Enter Advising Hours


How do I know if all of my advisees met with me?

At the end of advising, non-graduating students will receive an email informing them that they did not sign up for advising.  You will also receive an email with a list of all students who did not schedule an advising appointment.  


My counts are not updating on the table?

Select ‘Refresh’ to update counts.


Can I receive emails at the end of the day and each time a student schedules an appointment?

Yes.  You need to select both checkboxes on ‘Advising Appointments Setup’.


Can I add appointments to my calendar?

Yes.  If you selected to receive daily emails, the email will have an ICS attachment that will allow you to add to your calendar.


Can I cancel appointments by using my calendar?

No.  You must use MyKU to cancel appointments.  


My time does not show PM hours.  How do I fix that?

All time needs to be entered in military time.  For example, 2:00 PM would be keyed as 14:00.


How many hours in advance can an appointment be cancelled?

A student can cancel an appointment up to 24 hours in advance.  A faculty member can cancel up to the start time of the appointment.


Can administrative assistants schedule appointments for faculty members in MyKU?

No.  Only a student can schedule appointments.  An administrative assistant does not have access to a faculty member’s appointments in MyKU.


Can a student schedule advising appointments with another advisor who is not his/her advisor?

No.  Only a student can schedule appointments with their advisor.


Can a faculty member sign up a student who is not their advisee?

No.  A faculty member can only schedule appointments with their own advisees.

Can a student schedule multiple advising appointments?

A student can only schedule one appointment at a time with each advisor.  If the appointment is cancelled or in the past, a student can schedule another appointment.  


Can a faculty member schedule multiple advising appointments for a student?

Yes.  A faculty member can manually add a student to an unlimited number of advising appointments.


How will the student know they have an advising appointment?

A student will receive emails informing them of the date and time.  In MyKU, when the student selects the advisor, the date and time of next appointment is visible.  The student will also receive an email two days before the appointment reminding the student of the appointment date and time.


Can I change the meeting location for my appointments?

The meeting location for advising appointments is your office location. If you wish to change where to meet the students, you can note the meeting location in the additional wording for sign up or contact the student(s) via email.


I would like to see all of the emails that are sent, how would I access that information?

Documents explaining the process and descriptions of the emails that are sent are available in the MyKU Solutions Center.   You can access the solutions center via ‘MyKU Information’ link on the MyKU login page.


Must I use advising appointments in MyKU?

No.  This is an optional feature.  


I still have questions, how can I get help?

There are training videos in the MyKU Solutions Center.   You can access the solutions center via ‘MyKU Information’ link on the MyKU login page.  We will also have open training sessions during Fall and Spring advising periods.

Student Advising Process Email Samples

The Advising Emails document below describes the emails that are sent if advising appointments are created, scheduled and cancelled.