Note: This is an alternative to emailing the Classlist in MyKU. You can also use this to create Mail Merges.  


Navigate to the Report “Get Class List with E-­mail.” (Main Menu > Faculty Reports > Get Class Roster with E-­mail).

To start the report, you must provide a Term, Subject, Class Number (Catalog), and Section Number. Enter the required information and click “View Results.” 

The results can be downloaded to Excel by clicking the “Excel spreadsheet” link. Save and open the file in Excel.

Select the email column in Excel to highlight all of the emails. Copy the emails (Ctrl=C) and then paste them into the “To:” field in Outlook (CtrlV).

Once the email addresses are in the “To:” filed of Outlook, click on the “Check Names” button so the program can recognize the addresses and properly format them.