This “How To” details the process of running a report that lists students in a particular major. It shows how, using Excel, to narrow the report by a particular group of students, such as class, credits, GPA, etc. It also explains how to send an email to a group of students.  

From the “Main Menu” navigation, choose “Faculty Reports.”

Choose “List Students by Major” to generate a list of students and email addresses for students currently enrolled in a given major/minor.

Enter the Academic Plan and term if known. For a listing of all available majors and terms, click the corresponding “Search” icon. Click “View Results.”

Note: Make sure pop-­‐up blocker is turned off.

Choose the desired “Academic Plan” from the list.

Choose the desired “Term” from the list.

The populated list will appear. Click “Download Results in: Excel Spreadsheet” link found at the top of the page.

A window will open asking you to open or save the file/select a program to open with. Select to open with Microsoft Excel.

The report will open in an Excel document. To sort by specific criteria (class, credits, GPA, etc.), select the corresponding column in the Excel sheet and click “Sort à Ascending” to sort the data in chronological order, beginning with “A” or “0.” When prompted, be sure to “Expand the Selection” so all of the data moves as a unit.

The report will now be sorted by the criteria you highlighted.

You can email select users by highlighting the subset of users you wish to email in the email column. Copy (“ctrl+c”) the addresses.

Paste (“ctrl-­v”) the addresses into the “To” field of Outlook (or your preferred email client). Click the “Check Names.” Outlook will search the Global Address Book for these addresses and format them properly.