After logging in through the Portal, navigate to “My Schedule” (Self Service > Faculty Center > My Schedule).

From the “My Schedule” page, you can access your grade roster for a given class by selecting the “Grade Roster” icon next to the class you wish to view.  


Note: this icon will only appear at the end of the term once the grade roster for your class has been created.

Once your grade roster has been created, you can enter grades on the “Grade Roster” page. If you would like to change the class you are grading, click the “Change Class” button at the top of the page.

The “Grades Roster Type” field should always be “Final Grade.”

You can enter grades for each student using the “Roster Grade drop-­‐down menu. To add a grade to multiple students, you can click the “Select” checkbox for those students, choose a grade in the Add this Grade to Selected Students drop-­‐down menu below the grade roster and click the “Add this Grade to Selected Students” button.

If you do not see all of your students on the list, click the “Next Row” button at the bottom of the “Grade Roster.”

To view any students for whom you have not yet entered grades, click the “Display Unassigned Roster Grade Only” checkbox under the “Display Options” group box.

Grades Roster Status

After you have entered grades for each student, you have several options in the “Grade Roster Status” drop-­‐down menu. Available options are:

  • Not Reviewed: Select this and click “Save” if you are not finished entering grades, but would like to save any grades that you have entered.

  • Ready for Review: Select this and click “Save” if you are not finished entering grades, but will not need to make changes. If you need to go back and change, you can set the value back to “Not Reviewed.”

  • Approved: Select this option and “Save” if your grades are finished and ready to be posted. Note that you will not be able to go back and change grades once you have selected “Approved” and “Save.” Grades will not be posted, however, until the “Post Grades” process is run by the Registrar’s office.