We will soon be releasing a new workflow engine for MyKU.  Because of this, the way you submit and approve forms (Office Hours and Grad Candidacy) will be changing.  You will no longer click on the "Office Hours" tile.  First you will click on "MyKU Forms" as seen in the image below:


This will then take you to a screen that will show you the list of forms that you are able to initiate.  From this screen, you will click on the Office Hours icon in order to submit new office hours.  The form itself has not changed and should work just as you expect.



If you already have started a form in the past (even prior semesters), then you will be taken to a screen where you can view those prior requests, or submit a new form.  For some forms (as seen below), you cannot submit a new form if you already have a pending form submitted.  You will need to wait until that form is approved or denied, before being able to submit a new form.  You can click on a row in the list of prior forms to view that form in read-only mode.


As seen in the screenshot below, at the bottom of every form in this new workflow system, you will be able to add comments, act on the form, and see the current flow of this particular form.  The comments are for the workflow itself (explanations for the next approver, or reason for denying or returning to sender, etc).  These comments are only visible inside the workflow system.  Some forms will have other comment boxes that will be shown to students or used in other ways, so make sure you are putting your comments in the correct area.

Under the comments, you will see the workflow action buttons.  And below the action buttons, you will see the current workflow approval steps that this form has taken.  One thing to note, is that future steps (gray boxes) may be skipped (optional) if the form was designed to do so.  An example of this is Course Substitution.  That form will only go to the Vice Provost step if the form has competency type substitutions.

Action Button Descriptions:

Approve - Approves the form and passes it on to the next step. If you are the final step, then it will mark the entire workflow/form as approved.

Deny - Denies the form from progressing.  It will not be able to be changed, a new form would have to be submitted by the user.

Return to Sender - Displays a selection menu to select which prior step you want to send the form to.  You can send back to the prior step, or completely back to the originator.  Either way, when the form is resubmitted, it will return to you for approval.

Route Form - Displays a new window that allows you to select who to send the form to.  By selecting another employee, you give them control over approving or denying the form.  You will no longer have access to the form to approve or deny.

Close Form - Removes your LOCK on the form and allows someone else in your step (another chair or Dean) to act on the form.

To approve forms, you would click on the "Approve Forms" menu item on the left side of the screen.  This will take you to a screen that will show you what items you have pending your approval.  Clicking on a row in this list will take you to that form to allow you to approve or deny that form.  One thing to note, is if the form has multiple approvers (i.e. multiple chairs or deans), then when you click on the form it will LOCK that form to your ID.  Others can still view the form in read-only mode, but if you want them to act on it, you would have to click on the "Close" button and that will unlock the form from your ID.


Clicking on "Submitted Forms" in the menu on the left, will take you to a screen where you can quickly access prior forms that you have acted on in any way (submitted, approved, denied, etc).  It will show forms that are completed (approved or denied) or forms that are still Pending and what step it is currently in.


Using the Form Search page, will allow you to search for a form no matter when it was submitted.  Some types of forms, you will only be able to search the ones that you were part of, but other forms may be "public" and allow you to search for any form.


Under the User Preferences option, you can customize how the workflow system works for you.

Landing Page - Allows you to select which page opens up when you click on the "MyKU Forms" tile from the homepage.  You can either start on the "Start a Form" or "Approve Forms" pages.  There is also an option to start on "Approve Forms" but only if you have something pending, if you do not have anything pending your approval, it will then take you to "Start a Form".

Workflow Email Notification - You have the option of getting approval emails sent to you immediately (as soon as the previous step approves the form), or you can select to receive a summary email (either daily or twice daily).  These will queue up emails and only send you an email if you have something pending.  These are sent out at 7:00 AM and, if you select twice daily, at 1:00PM.

Days for Reminder Email - This defaults to 1 day after your initial email.  If you have not acted on a given form, you will be sent a reminder email.  This reminder email is similar to the summary email above, in that it will send a list of everything currently pending your approval.

Employees to CC - This feature allows you to add a secretary to your workflow emails and will allow them to search/review forms, but they will not be able to act on the form.