Navigate to “Enrollment Request Search.” (Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Enroll Students > Enrollment Request Search). 

Enter “KTOWN” as your institution and click “Search.”

On the next screen, you must enter at least 2 criteria to initiate a search. It is suggested to limit by at least the Term and either the User ID or Emplid. Once the criteria are entered, click “Search.” Your search results will appear at the bottom of the screen in the “Enrollment List” area. 

  • User ID: The person who entered the enrollment request. If the user ID = emplid, then the student performed the enrollment request themselves.

  • Emplid: The student affected by the enrollment request.

To scan through your results, you can: 

  • Click on the grid icon to download the results to Excel.
  • Click through the tabs to view the information. Click on the navigation icons to move between the set of tabs within the results area.


  • Fields 8-­‐11 tab:
    • Last Update Date/Time – when the enrollment action/request took place.
    • Enrollment Request Source – indicates the screen where the enrollment action/request was initiated. Usually this says “Quick Enroll” or “Self-­‐Service Enrollment.”
  • Fields 12-­‐19 tab:
    • Enrollment Request Action – Enroll, Drop, etc.
    • Enrollment Action Reason – this indicates if the enrollment action was done for a particular reason. Usually, this has to do with a course being dropped for the term:
      • CCAN – Class Cancellation
      • TCAN – Term Cancellation
      • TDROP – Term Drop
      • TWDR – Term Withdrawal
    • Units Taken
  • Tabs covering fields 26-­‐40
    • Shows any overrides that were performed for the enrollment action.