In order to run a process in MyKU, a run control must be used. A run control is like a recipe. Recipes require ingredients to make a dish. Likewise, a run control requires parameters to run a process.

Once a run control is created in the system, it can be reused, and it remembers your previous settings. It’s like doing the prepwork for a recipe once, and then having the recipe ready to bake every time you want to make that dish.

When you encounter a screen that uses a run control, it will look similar to this:

You’ll have 2 options here – you can search for an existing run control, or you can create a new one. For this example, let’s create one. Click the Add a New Value tab, then enter in a name for your run control.

Your run control can be called anything, but it can’t include spaces. Try naming it something that describes what you’re doing (like making cookies). That way, every time you go to a run control screen, you can quickly determine which run control to use.

Once you’ve named your run control, hit the Add button.

On the next screen, you’ll enter the parameters needed to run a process. In our example, you need to specify ingredients and measurements. Once those have been entered, hit the Run button.

On the next screen, you’ll see the processes that can be run. Usually, only one process is listed. Make sure the right one is selected, then click OK to continue.

Now, you’re back on the run control screen. Click on the Process Monitor link to check the status of your process.

The status of your process can be seen in the Process List area. A process is complete once its Distribution Status is Posted. If the Distribution Status does not say Posted, click the refresh button every so often until it does.

Once your process is complete, the word Success should be listed under the Run Status heading. If that status didn’t come up, contact your supervisor or the IT Help Center for assistance.

What if you want to bake a different recipe, like peanut butter cookies? If you plan on making your cookie recipes pretty often, you should probably make a new run control. That way, you don’t have to change the ingredients each time you switch to a different recipe. Otherwise, if you don’t mind changing your parameters as needed, you can reuse your existing run control.


Watch the video demonstration below.

Watch the video full screen!