Navigate to the “Class Roster.” (Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Class Roster > Class Roster).

On the Search page, enter search criteria for the class you are looking for. Make sure that the “Academic Institution” field displays “KTOWN.” You are also required to enter a term into the “Term” field. It is recommended that you use the “Class Nbr” field, as it will immediately direct you to the class section you want without having to view multiple search results. The Class Number is a unique four-­‐digit numeric code assigned to each class section as it is built. If you do not know the Class Number, you can search by Subject Area and Course Number.  


When you have entered you search criteria, click the “Search” button.

Once on the Class Roster page, you can view the students who have enrolled in your selected class. This page displays the student name, ID number, units, program and plan, and academic level.

To view students who have dropped the class, click the Enrollment Status dropdown menu and select “Dropped.” This will not be available if the class has not been dropped.

You print this page as you would print any other webpage.

To view a different class, click the “Return to Search” button at the bottom of the screen to search again.