Combining course sections in D2L is called a course merge.

When merging course sections, one section is chosen as the "primary" course section into which all other "secondary" course section(s) will be merged. All students will be enrolled into the primary course section and the secondary course section(s) should be left inactive and unpinned.

You can verify the merge within the Classlist tool by changing the “View By” from “Users” to “Sections” and then checking the dropdown for Sections. This will show all the course sections that have been merged.

Important Notes:

  • Separate requests are required for multiple course merges. Please submit one ticket per merge.
  • Requests are accepted through the end of the drop/add period.
  • Requests submitted at least one business day prior to the start of the semester will be processed as soon as possible.
  • You can continue to work in your primary course until the merge processes. Content in the primary course will be retained., while content in the secondary course(s) will be deleted.
  • After the merge is complete, all enrollment changes will happen within the combined course (primary) course. Remember, there can be a 24-hour delay from when you see enrollment changes in MyKU until they appear in D2L.
  • You will still be able to view your students by section in the Classlist. Change the “View By” dropdown menu to view course sections individually. A second dropdown will appear, allowing you to choose the desired section. To see all students again, change the “View By” dropdown menu back to “User”. Students will only be able to view their own section in the Classlist.


To request a course merge, please email the following information to Your request MUST include this information:

1. Course Instructor Name

2. KU Email Address

3. Primary Course (This is the course that you wish to retain. All students will be moved into this course)

  • Full Course Name
  • Semester and Year
  • Primary Course ID and Section
  • Yes or no: Do you use an inclusive access textbook through the KU Campus Store for this course?

4. Secondary Course(s) (please note that any content, student or otherwise, will be deleted from the secondary course(s)

  • Secondary Course ID and Section for each course to be merged

Failure to include the required information will result in a delay in merge request processing!

Questions? Please contact