The Examity online proctoring platform provides KU with a streamlined user experience, featuring an intuitive and flexible design. Examity’s platform allows you to select the level that best fits your needs, from AI-driven automated proctoring, to live remote proctors, all available through D2L. 

Examity is known for its top-tier customer service and will provide all training and support. Departments and/or individual faculty members will be responsible for scheduling training with the vendor, as well as scheduling and set-up for each exam, and support during and after exams. Information about support is listed below. 



Automated Standard

First, a test-taker will snap a picture of themselves and then their photo ID for later review by you. Next, the test-taker will answer a series of “challenge” questions to further verify their identity.

Once this process is complete, the test-taker begins the exam and Examity’s automated proctoring technology takes over – monitoring the test from start to finish. At the end of each proctoring session, a full video of the exam, along with time-stamped comments, will be posted to the Examity dashboard for you to review.

Automated Premium

First, a test-taker will snap a picture of themselves and then their photo ID. This will be reviewed later by the faculty member. Next, the test-taker will answer a series of “challenge” questions to further verify their identity.

Examity monitors then the test-taker for the entire duration of the exam. It captures audio, motion, and systemic changes to identify any abnormal test-taking behaviors. However, once the proctoring session is complete, Automated Premium provides an additional level of scrutiny. Examity will conduct a human audit that will review the authentication and exam session, along with any flags raised by our software. Following this review, the exam video, along with time-stamped violation flags and comments, will be released to the Examity dashboard.

Live Standard

Examity’s live proctor will first verify that the ID on file matches with the ID brought to the test, and then compare the two with a real-time webcam feed of the test-taker. After a challenge question, the test-taking environment then becomes the main focus. Examity’s live exam proctor will conduct a 360᷾° sweep of the room and workstation, ensuring any unauthorized materials are removed before testing can proceed.

The proctor will then provide the test-taker with access to the exam, and the Examity proctor will leave the session. Although a human proctor is not present, the exam session will be recorded from start to finish, and our AI-technology will monitor the exam for any unusual activity. Upon exam completion, an Examity proctor and an Examity auditor will review both the authentication process and proctoring session. Only after this review takes place will the entirety of the recorded session, along with the corresponding reporting data, be released to your Examity dashboard. 

Live Premium

Live Premium provides the same capabilities of Standard Live Proctoring’s pre-test authentication and post-test audit. The live proctor will also oversee the entire session, from authentication to test completion. Such a high level of security allows a proctor to proactively address suspicious behavior or respond to a technical question, should such a need arise.  

As an added advantage, Examity proctors are able to provide interactive technical support in real-time if necessary.

Pricing Information

Live Remote Proctoring
Automated Remote Proctoring
Examity Standard pricing, which includes live proctoring. Faculty review flags.Examity Premium pricing, which includes live proctoring and human review of flags by Examity.Examity Automated Standard pricing, which includes flagged violations with video. Faculty review flags.Examity Automated Premium pricing, which includes flagged violations with video and human review of flags by Examity.
Per student, one hour exam$11.75/student$13/student$4.50/student$7/student
Per student, extra time$5/student$6/studentNo chargeNo charge


Step 1: Identify exams to be proctored 

In order to properly identify exams for billing purposes you must title your proctored quizzes or exams in the following manner: “exam name – proctored”

The exam name can be anything followed by the word “proctored.”   

Step 2: Request Proctoring in Your Course

Fill out the Examity proctoring request form completelyPlease note that Examity is activated at the course level, so it’s up to you to determine which quizzes or exams are to be proctored. You may need to seek prior approval, so please check with your department chair before enabling Examity.

Once Examity is activated in your course you may proceed with any quiz or exam that has been identified as “proctored” (see Step 1, above). Ideally you should request that proctoring be enabled for your course prior to the start of the semester, but no less than one week prior to a scheduled exam date. Again, please note that pricing is per exam!

Step 3: Access examity in D2L and Schedule Training

Once Examity has been activated in your D2L course, you'll be able to access the Examity Dashboard from the Assessments menu.

You can refer to the Instructor guide, but we highly recommend contacting Examity to schedule a live training before setting up your exams. Please contact Kutztown's Examity Account Manager Jill Dufffy to schedule your training today!

Examity highly recommends using a practice exam prior to any high-stakes exams. This allows students to experience the testing environment and troubleshoot any technical issues in a low-stakes setting.


Once Examity has been activated in your course, their knowledgeable support staff will be available to provide all training and support. Departments and/or individual faculty members will be responsible for arranging Examity training, scheduling and setting-up each quiz or exam, and contacting Examity for support during and after exams.

Questions about billing? Please contact the Office of Information Technology for more information.

We encourage you to share the student support resources below with your students.