Please note – This article is intended for faculty and staff using the gray Dell multi-point Bluetooth peripherals

Cycling through Bluetooth Connections

If your mouse and keyboard were previously connected, but suddenly seem to stop responding, try cycling through the Bluetooth connection options on both devices.

To cycle through the available connections on the keyboard, press the button in the top right corner of the board.

To cycle through the available connections on the mouse, press the button below the scroll wheel.

A light will indicate which connection the device is currently set to.

  • 1 is the USB receiver.
  • 2 is the first Bluetooth connection. This is the default for most setups.
  • 3 is the second Bluetooth connection.

Setting up Bluetooth Connections

  • Use the steps above to cycle to your desired Bluetooth connection (2 or 3).
  • Hold the cycle button until the indicator light begins to flash.
  • On your computer, open Bluetooth settings and search for a new device.
    • When adding a keyboard, you will be prompted to type a code into the number pad to confirm.

Using the USB Receiver

If Bluetooth connections continue to cause issues, consider using the included USB receiver. To access the receiver:

  • Turn the mouse OFF using the switch on the base.
  • Gently pry the lid of the mouse up at the designated location.

  • Retrieve the USB receiver and replace the lid. It should snap into place.
  • Plug the USB receiver into your computer, and it should set up automatically.
  • Set the mouse and keyboard to the first connection setting using the cycle button.