Coursera is Kutztown University’s value-add continuous learning platform and provides additional courses to KU students and non-credit adult learners. 

Adding Coursera Links to D2L

To add a Coursera course to your D2L Course: 

  • Log in to D2L  
  • Open the course to which you would like to add the content 
  • Click on Content in the top Navigation Bar.  
  • At the bottom of the Table of Contents, click Add a module… and name your module as desired. 

  • Inside the new module, click on Existing Activities and select Coursera from the list that drops down. When prompted to choose a program, select Kutztown University.  

  • Use the search bar to find the course you wish to embed. Use the radial button to select it, then scroll to the bottom of the selector and click Submit.   

  • A link to the Coursera course will be created in the module as an External Learning Tool.  

    • If so desired, edit the properties of the link to adjust its availability and release conditions.  
    • Students will be able to register for the Coursera course via this link. If it is their first time accessing Coursera, they will be prompted to set up an account.  

Syncing Course Progress with Coursera and D2L

  • When a student registers for a Coursera course through D2L, their progress will be synced across both platformsGraded items in the Coursera Course will be copied to the D2L Gradebook and will sync approximately every 24 hours.