KU Faculty and Staff have access to Adobe Creative Cloud (CC). Students can access Adobe Creative Cloud in on-campus computer labs.

Installing Adobe Creative Cloud (Faculty/Staff Only)

  1. Go to https://creativecloud.adobe.com.
  2. Click “Sign in” and enter your KU email address. Click “Continue.”
  3. If prompted, select “Company” or “School Account.”
  4. At the KU Single Sign-On Page, enter your KU email address and password. Click “Sign On.”
  5. At the main Adobe screen, click on the button “View All.”

If you already have the Adobe Create Cloud App on your computer,

  1. Find apps in the list and click “Install.”
  2. Click the button Open Creative Cloud Desktop App.

If you DO NOT have the Adobe Create Cloud App on your computer:

  1. Find the app in the list and click “Download.” If it states that “Permissions may be required” simply click “OK.”

Please note if you install Acrobat DC, it may tell you it is a 7-day trial.  If this happens, please download and run this patch (Windows only).