You have the ability to watch live TV and sports on your computer, tablet, and phone via the Stream2 IP Television service anywhere on campus.

To use Stream2 IP Television:

  • Mobile:
    • Download the “Apogee Stream2” app from your app store: iOS| Android
  • Computer:
  • Search for “Kutztown University of Pennsylvania” in the search institutions box
  • Enter your Kutztown email address and password
  • Watch TV!

NOTICE: You must be connected to the campus network to use Stream2.

Digital Televisions

In order to receive channels via the University provided television service, a television must contain a QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) digital tuner. Most modern televisions have QAM digital tuners. If your TV has a supported digital tuner, you will just need a standard coaxial cable to connect your TV to the jack in your room.

However, some television manufacturers may not have a QAM digital tuner. If your television does not support a QAM tuner, you have the option to purchase a digital conversion box. Like a TV, you must make sure that the conversion box includes a QAM tuner such as the ATX VMX1-1*, iView3500STB II or iView3200STB. QAM tuners are available to be purchased in the Dixon Marketplace.

After you connect your television to the campus service, please make sure to run the auto program feature to ensure your television receives all available channels.

*Residence Life has not tested this device, we are merely showing the type of device you will need to purchase.

To receive the full complement of 80+ channels, perform a channel/program scan on your TV to locate all available channels. View a complete channel list lineup in the attached document.

24/7 Support

For instant support, please call (833) 548-9605. You can also text "MyVideo" to 84700 or use the My Campus Video online chat option.