Student Accounts

All students receive a unique KU username (User ID) shortly after applying to the university. Upon acceptance, the username is mailed to the student's home address.

Once you know your username, activate your account by visiting and clicking the New applicant link. This process verifies your identity and lets you set up a password.

The KU username and password combination is used to access all systems including MyKU, email, campus wired and Wi-Fi networks, D2L, student payroll, lab computers, etc.

Students Frequently Asked Questionts (FAQs)

Do I have to use my KU email address?

All official university communications are sent to your KU email address, including important campus announcements and information, as well as communication from your professors. We recommend checking your KU email daily.


What happens to my account when I leave KU?

Outlook student email account
Your email address is yours to keep! Nine months after you graduate or leave KU, your account will be converted to an alumni account. At this time, you’ll lose access to Microsoft Office 365 and all other KU systems. However, your email address will remain the same and continue to work.


Microsoft Office 365

Nine months after you graduate or leave KU, your account will be converted to an alumni account. At this time, you will no longer be able to access any of the Office applications (other than Mail) in a web browser. Be sure to download or migrate any content you wish to keep to another source.


Downloaded Office Applications
Microsoft Office 365 applications that are were installed on your computer or other devices will continue to work for nine months after you graduate or leave KU. When your account is converted to an alumni account, Office 365 applications will begin running in "read-only" mode. You can continue to use the Office 365 applications to open and read existing documents, but you won't be able to edit or create new documents unless you acquire a new Office 365 subscription, either personally or through your employer/school.

Files on university-owned servers
Any files that you have stored on university-owned servers will be removed soon after your departure. If you wish to retain these files, please move them to a personal cloud storage account or an external drive before you leave the university.