The Golden Bears wireless network provides a fully-encrypted wireless connection for KU faculty, staff, and students. Golden Bears is available in all residential and non-residential buildings on campus.

This article contains instructions for configuring Golden Bears for the first time on an iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad.

Steps to Configure Golden Bears

  1. Connect your wireless device to BearNet in Settings.

  2. Open a browser and go to Enter your KU username and password and click Join Now. (Note: Be sure to enter your KU username and NOT your entire KU email address)

  3. A security profile is downloaded to your device. When complete, you'll see the message "Profile Downloaded."

  4. Open the Settings app and tap Profile Downloaded.

  5. Tap Install in the upper-right corner and follow the onscreen instructions.

  6. When your device has finished generating a security key, enrolling the certificate and installing the profile, click Done.

  7. Your iOS device should switch automatically to Golden Bears. If it doesn't, open the Settings app and manually change your WiFi network to Golden Bears. It may help to forget BearNet.