This article documents how you can set an automatic reply (auto reply) or Out of Office (OOO) message for emails received when you are not available.

Outlook for the Web (webmail)

  1. Click on the cog wheel next to your name in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Access the Automatic Replies settings by navigating View all Outlook settings > Mail > Automatic Replies.

  3. Enable the toggle to turn Automatic replies on and set the desired time period. Then compose your message. When you are finished, click Save.
    1. If you want to send replies to emails originating from outside KU, check the option to Send replies outside your organization.


Outlook for Windows desktop

  1. Click on the File tab and then select Info. Choose the option for Automatic Replies.

  2. Choose the option to Send automatic replies and then set the desired date range. Compose the message in the Inside my Organization tab. If you want to send responses to messages originating outside KU, also add a message to the Outside My Organization tab.

Outlook for Mac desktop

  1. Click the Tools menu and choose Automatic Replies.

  2. Check the box to Send automatic replies for account “Kutztown” and then compose your message. Set the desired time range for your automatic replies. If you want to send responses to messages originating outside Kutztown, check the option Send replies outside my organization and compose the message. Click OK.