This articles outlines the steps to install a Fraser network printer or copier to your computer.

Opening PaperCut on your Device

Click on the PaperCut Print Delpoy Client icon (printer icon cid:image001.png@01D76354.3637ACA0), located in the system tray. The system tray menu is located on the bottom right of a PC screen near the clock. Click the up arrow to show the whole system tray:

On a Mac, the system tray is located on the top gray tool bar:

In the menu that appears, choose "Refresh my printers now:"

Click the printer icon again and this time choose "View my printers:"

Adding a Network Printer

In the window that appears, select "Add printers:"

A list of your available printers and copiers will appear. Click on the Green "Install" button to install the printer or copier. New copiers should follow the following naming structure BuildingCodeRoomNumber_AssetID