This article outlines the process of creating a new file (or HTML content page) directly in the D2L learning environment. Navigate to the Content area of D2L by choosing "Content" from the course navigation menu.

Enter, or create, a module that will contain the page. Click "Upload / Create" and choose "Create a File" from the menu. See the Create a Module article for more information on creating a module.

Enter a title for the new file (page) and then begin entering the content of your page into the body field. You can use the HTML Editor to manipulate the text. For more information on manipulating text, see the HTML Editor article.

If you do not want the page to be visible to users at this time, check the "Hide from Users" checkbox.

When you are finished creating the page, click "Save and Close" to add it to the module. 

Editing a D2L File (HTML Content Page)

Click the "Actions Arrow" next to the page in the module. Choose "Edit HTML" from the list.

Edit the page as needed. If  you make significant changes to the page and would like to notify students that the page content has been updated, check the “Notify students that the content has changed” box before clicking “Save and Close.” This will display a notification on their account next time they login. To help students quickly identify the change, you may want to add a summary of the change.

Resetting the completion tracking allows you to revert the completion tracking back for the page to 'unvisited' to further guide students back to the page after the update.