Customer Voice is KU's survey solution. This article outlines how the basic steps to create a survey.

Check out Microsoft's Customer Voice Help Hub for additional help resources.

Step 1: Access Customer Voice

Access Customer Voice by navigating to and login with your KU username and password.

Step 2: Create a SurveyOn the Customer Voice homepage, click the "New project" button to start creating a survey. 

Note: Please enure you are using your browser window in the maximized view to see all the features (middle button Windows or green button on Mac).

You can choose from one of the project templates or start from scratch. To start a new blank survey, choose the "Blank" option and then click "Next."

Leave the location drop down menus as "default" and click "Create."

Start building your survey by providing a title, thank you message, and footer.

Click "+ Add new" to start adding your survey questions.

Choose your question type from the available options.

Build your question following the provided template. When you're ready to add the new question, click "+ Add new."

Continue building your survey questions until all questions have been added.

Step 3: Publish and Share Your SurveyYou can preview your survey at anytime to see how it will look and function for users. 

When you are ready to publish and share your survey, click the "Send" tab.

The quickest and easiest way to share your survey is to provide users a direct link to the survey. Click the "Link" button to view the survey link.

Copy the link to your survey. You can share this link with users via webpages, email, etc.


Step 4: View Survey Results

To view your survey results, return to Customer Voice and click "All Projects" from the left menu navigation.

Select the project you created for you survey. 

Click on your survey name in the "Reports" area of the navigation menu on the left to view the report of responses.