After logging into MyKU, click on the "MyKU Forms" tile on the Homepage.

You can then click on the "Approve Forms" menu item from the left side of the screen.  This screen will list all forms that are pending your approval.  You can use the "Filter Queue" option to only show certain types of forms if you have many different types to approve.

Clicking on a form in the list of pending forms will take you into the form (in read-only mode) and allow you to review and act on the form.  Please note that once you click on a form it will "lock" that form to your ID.  If you are in a department with multiple chairs or deans, you will have to use the "Close" button at the bottom of the form in order to release your lock and allow another person to act on the form.  For more information about the workflow system, please review the MyKU Forms Faculty Instructions page.

If you return the form to the faculty member to make changes, please use the Workflow comments to explain what changes are desired.  You can also enter any comments to send explanations on to the next step (in this case Deans).

Reporting Console

For Office Hours approvers, you also have a custom report in the Workflow menu called the "Office Hours Report Console".  Clicking on this will take you to a report screen that will allow you to review form status for your department (or college for Deans).

For Deans, if you would like to look for requests from a specific department, select the appropriate department from the Department dropdown list.  For Chairs, you will only be able to review your own department results.  By clicking on the Empl ID, it will open a new browser window/tab and allow you to review/act on the form.  If the form has already been acted on, you will be able to review the form, but the action buttons will be read-only.


Printed Graphical Display

Using the "Print Selected Hours" will display a report in a new browser window/tab.  This can be used to review all office hours at once, or to print if so desired.  It will display the office hours as well as their class schedule in a graphical view.  You must have at least one person selected to use this option.