Email to print allows students to print by emailing their documents to a special address. No client software or drivers are required. This provides a simple way for our users to print from any device that can send an email.

  1. Open your Kutztown email and compose a message. The address you are sending this message to is:
  2. Attached the file to your email you are looking to print. You can do so by dragging the file manually into the text box of the email or by selecting the attach function.
  3. Select your file, the file will upload to the email so there may be a small delay. Send the email once the file is uploaded.
    • If everything sends correctly, nothing will come back indicating there was an error.
    • If you do receive a bounce-back error message, check the email for reasons why it failed and make the necessary changes.
  4. Locate the print station that you want it to print to and follow the instructions on the print release station.

*Print release stations will have a computer next to a printer.

*Print Release stations are located at the following locations:  BK120, DF028, MSU294, RL Ground Floor Room 001, RL Main Floor (Two Stations available to accommodate demand), RL Second Floor Room 204, OM-006 (24/7 Lab)