Microsoft 365 provides a comprehensive cloud-based approach with Advanced Threat Protection for securing your mailbox. Each day, you will receive a quarantine summary to review flagged messages. You can also go directly to your page by navigating to

Quarantine Summary

Spam and Phishing quarantine summary messages will be sent from to your Office 365 email inbox on a daily basis.  You can take action on the messages directly from the quarantine summary:


  • Block Sender - add sender to Blocked Senders Lists.
  • Review - Opens your quarantine to review details of the message.
  • Release - Releases message from your quarantine.
    Please Note: messages marked “Prevented Phish” do not have the option to release from the summary.

To review and release a message follow the these simple steps:

Step 1: 
Click the "Review" button in the daily summary.
Step 2:
Read the message to determine if the email is actually suspicious.
Step 3:
If the email is legitimate, release the message to your inbox.

Managing Blocked Senders

Block Senders / Junk Mail

You can block senders from any folder in Outlook. Simply right click on an email message from the sender and then choose "Junk" > "Block Sender."

Add a Blocked Sender / Junkmail to Safe Senders List

You can add a sender to the safe list by right-clicking on the email message and choosing "Junk" > "Never Block Sender."