Concord’s Email-to-Fax service allows you to securely send faxes directly from your @kutztown.edu email address. Both Outlook for Web and the desktop Outlook client are supported.  

Detailed Instructions

Sending a Fax

To send a fax via Concord: 

  1. Create a new message in Outlook. 
  2. Add your fax recipient(s) by addressing your email message to faxnumber@concordsend.com 
    • For US or Canadian numbers, enter 1 plus the fax number. (ie15551236789@concordsend.com to send to 555-123-6789). 
    • For international faxing, enter 011 plus the Country Code, followed by the fax number you are sending to. (ie0114412345678@concordsend.com to send to +44 1234-5678 
  3. Add the documents you wish to fax as attachments. You may attach multiple files of varying type. The list of supported file types is below. Note there is a 20MB limit on the total message size of an email sent to the concordsend.com domain. 
  4. Add text to the subject and email body to populate this to a coversheet template. 


You will receive a delivery confirmation email once the document is processed by Concord, and another after it has been sent to the recipient 

Supported Document Formats

Concord supports the following document types: 

  • PDF files 
  • Microsoft Office Documents (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX) 
  • Text Files (TXT, RTF, HTML) 
  • Images (JPG, PNG, TIF, GIF) 


Delivery Confirmation 

When sending a fax through the concordsend.com domain, you will receive two email notifications. The first is confirmation that the fax message was received by Concord and has been prepared for delivery and the second notice provides the final delivery status of the fax, success or failure.  


If a fax fails transmission, a detailed reason is provided to inform the sender as to why the transmission failed. 



Adding Recipient Names 

You can add a Recipient Name to the fax destination number to populate the name to the coversheet, fax header stamp and transmission reports.  

To add one, insert the name prior to the fax number in the email address you send to in the following format: Name <faxnumber@concordsend.com>. The <> brackets must be included around the fax number. 

For example, adding Jane Smith’s name would look like Jane Smith <15551236789@concordsend.com>. 

Sending from Copier

Any campus copier that can send scans over email can be used with Concord, so long as the email is sent from an address ending in @kutztown.edu. 

Note that sending directly from a copier prevents you from receiving the delivery confirmation emails 

Receiving a Fax

When receiving a fax through Concord, you will be notified by email. The subject line should read NEW FAX: A fax of # page(s) has been received on your fax number: +15555555555 from [SENDER] on [DATE AND TIME]. 

The email notification will look like this: 


Your fax will be attached to the email as a PDF.